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Can't find what you want on our website?  Try these other ratteries!

    Since opening 3 Girls Rattery, we have met many friendly, caring, fun friends who also own ratteries.  The community of people who love rats is very committed to supporting and helping each other in efforts to breed healthy, friendly rats that make wonderful pets and show rats.

     When adopting a rat from another rattery, the initials of the rattery that bred the rat precede the name of the rat (e.g. ROUS Frosty).  When adopting a rat from a pet store or unknown origin the rat's name is followed by the name of the  rattery that adopted the rat (e.g. Petey of 3GR).


Rodents of Unusual Sweetness  (click here)

     Rodents of Unusual Sweetness (ROUS) is owned by Lynn Rosskamp, a rat lover and rat breeder who is located in Seattle, Washington.  Lynn specializes in dumbos and rexes, and all of her ratties are big, friendly, and cute!!  An extremely creative and compassionate person, Lynn has dedicated  part of her website for ratties that need to be rescued called "Recycled Ratties".  Her waiting lists are usually a mile long, but take a look at her site anyway, and let her know if you would like to be on a waiting list for one of her awesome upcoming litters!!

     Lynn organized the first Ratapalooza last November, a very successful rat show, in Seattle.  Information about the upcoming Ratapalooza is available at her website.


Rattie Rascals Rattery (click here)

      Rattie Rascals (RSCL) is another mother/daughter rattery.   LeAnn and Beth Boardman own a wonderful rattery where they breed rats for health, conformation, and temperament.  Located in Port Orchard, Washington, LeAnn and Beth specialize in blues, dalmations, minks and merles.  We adopted a  great rat named Stryder, a cinnamon pearl merle, from RSCL.  Their waiting lists are also a mile long, but it is well worth the wait for one of their fine rats.

     LeAnn is the president of RatsPacNorthwest and organizes two rat shows per year in Port Orchard Washington.  More information is available at RatsPacNW@yahoogroups.com.


Curly Whiskers Rattery (click here)

     Michelle Carroll is a wonderful rat breeder in Idaho.  We adopted two ratties from Michele (along with many others!!) that are absolutely wonderful!  Visit her website to see all her ratties and her current and upcoming litters! Michele organizes a rat show each summer in Idaho.  More information is available at her website.


Whispering Wise Rattery  (click here)

     Ayri is a wonderful rat person!   Located in Canada, Ayri specializes in tailless rats.  She has adopted many rescue rats that are available for adoption in addition to the rats that she has bred herself.  Her rats reflect Ayri's loving personality.   One of the ratties we adopted from her, WWR Squeak is one of the most friendly, laid back rats we have ever seen!  Take a look at her site.


Spiral Rat Rattery  (click here)

     Becky is another wonderful person from whom to obtain rats!  Located in Bremerton, Washington,  Becky breeds for temperament and confirmation.  If you are looking for dumbo rats, she is the one to go to because she breeds only dumbo rats!  Be sure to take a look at her website!


Sugar and Spice Rattery  (click here)

     Michelle is another great breeder!  She is located in Idaho.  She breeds beautiful ratties and we are very excited to be getting our first rattie from her rattery to add to our lines.  Be sure to stop by her website!


Li'l Rugrats Rattery  (click here)

     Li'l Rugrats Rattery is located in California. We are very excited to be adopting our first rattie from her rattery (a beige blazed odd-eye) so that we can breed her rats into our lines!  We are just beginning to learn about this rattery.



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"When you adopt a rat, you adopt a best friend"

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