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       Mini Mouse Dwarf Rats


Mini Mouse Dwarf Rats is a division of 3 Girls Rattery that started in January of 2006.  All of the rats in MMDR are dwarf carriers or dwarf rats.



Our newest litter was born on November 25, 2008, the Little Snow Litter,STUD Yirka X MMDR Biscuit. Click on the

Snowflake for pictures 

Click on the hot peppers to view the Five Star litter,TUD Fabiola X   MMDR Biscuit.  

All babies have been adopted.




(all these babies have been adopted, but their pictures are so cute!)

Click on the  pointe shoes for pictures of the Ballet Litters. 

Click on the snowflake for pictures of  the Tiny Snowflake Litter  .

Click on the garbage can    to see the Sopranos Litter.

The Qutest litter was born on August 18, 2006. There were 6 dwarf babies. Click on the Q to see pictures of the babies.

The second litter, the Coffee & Tea litter was born on August 19, 2006, and is all dwarf carriers.  Click on the coffee cup   to see the pictures.


The waiting list is growing quickly, so please let us know right away if you are interested, particularly in the dwarf babies.


Here are pictures of some of the current residents of Mini Mouse Dwarf Rats.



      OfR Asterisk and OFR Apostrophe are our first girl dwarf rats.  Asterisk absolutely loves the wheel. She loves it so much that she will hold on and spin around on the wheel without running!  It is so funny!!  Apostrophe is a very fast, a little more shy rat when out of the cage.  When she is in the cage, she always runs right up to the door to greet me.  Here are their pictures.

OFR Asterisk (Siamese)

The rat candle is in the picture to give perspective. The candle is 3 " tall.  Asterisk is doing an imitation!!

Asterisk is 4" long and her tail is 4" long.

OFR Apostrophe  (Agouti)


      OFR Dot Matrix and OFR Dash  are the first dwarf rats that we adopted.  They are brothers.  Their personalities are very similar.  Both are extremely friendly and would  be out of their cage hanging out with us all day long if they could.  Full of energy, these guys love the wheel.  OFR Q-Tip is our newest boy.  He is a dynamo.  Full of energy and extremely friendly, Q-Tip is a joy.  We have mated Dot Matrix and Dash with regular sized rats.  They were very dashing and the females were quite taken by them despite their small stature.

OFR Dot Matrix (Black  Berkshire down under )

We think Dot Matrix has a down under spot on his tummy. There are down under rats in his pedigree, so have included a picture of his tummy.



OFR Dash (Black Berkshire )

Here is Dash hanging out in a coffee cup. The cup is 3 1/2 inches tall which shows how small he is! Dash is full grown and is only  six inches long with a 4 1/2 inch tail.

OFR Q - Tip (Dumbo Velveteen Pink-Eyed White)

Q is going to be a coffee drinker when he grows up!

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If you are interested in adopting a dwarf rat and would like to be on our waiting list, please contact us at


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