Stevie's Science Project!

    Hi my name is Stevie. I am in 4th grade and am doing a science project on rats. I am going to do pictures of one baby rat each day. The mother of the baby is Sapphire. Sapphire was born on March 14, 2003 she has had one other litter on September 15, 2003 that litter had 11 babies. She is a blue dumbo self who is very nice! The babies were born on March 5, 2004 at about 3:30 right when my school got out!!!! Sapphire had 7 babies. here is a picture of her when she is pregnant.

     Here's a picture of the cage I made for Sapphire. I put shredded paper because it would be good for the babies to lay on and for sapphire to have her babies on. I also put blankets in her cage for warmth and comfort to the babies.

This is Sapphire's cage!!!

This is Sapphire when she was pregnant!!!!  This is me holding Sapphire!!

Here is are all the babies on the day they were first born.  .

Here is one baby by itself showing it's stomach full with milk!!!! 

       this is a picture of the same baby in my hand. And from the picture you can see how small it is!! 

March 6, 2004

This is a picture of the baby rats when they are 2 days old.    

March 7, 2004!!

In the picture that your going to see you can tell that the baby has black eyes. because even thought the babies eyes aren't open yet you can see where the eyes are and it tells you what color they are. also if you have one that doesn't look like it has black eyes then it's probably is a pink or dark ruby eyed one!

ssso you can see that they have dark eyes!

Here is a picture of all the babies when they're three days old!!

so right now me and my mom think that it looks like there will be 4 blue babies and 3 blacks.

March 8, 2004

This is sapphire making her nest. Before I show you the picture i want to explain what she's doing in the picture. She's taking Kleenex to try to bring it up to her cage for a nest.  so you can see the Kleenex that she's bringing into her cage.

this is another picture but this time it's of 2 babies huddled together! Also the baby rats are starting to get fuzz on their back!!  here are the 2 babies!

March 9

Here is a picture of all the babies together in one small group! Right now they are 5 days old!!

  here are the babies! Here is another picture that is of 1 baby and the baby is by a tape measurer and it's exactily 3 inches long. when it was born it was 2 inches long. So it's grown 1 inch! it is so cute!

March 10, 2004

In this picture you can see that there Is blacks and blues in the litter and me and my mom guessed right!! There are 3 blacks and 4 blues.  there they are!!!!

Here is another picture of a baby and as you can see in the picture that the babies can still play even if there eyes are closed!  hahhahhaha!!!!

March 11, 2004

In these pictures that I am going to show you next is a picture of two groups of babies one of the groups is boys and one of the groups is girls.

The ones with pink under them are the girls and the ones with blues under them are the boys.

March 12, 2004

The next picture is of all the babies together and they think the blanket is their mama so they're putting their nose in the blanket like it's their mommy giving them milk! there they are and you can see that they are trying to get milk!

March 13, 2004

Here is a picture of 2 rats laying next to each other and you can see that one has white paws and the other has dark paws. And also the one with paws the color of it's body is called a self!  Here is another picture that shows the babies eye slits. In the picture you can see that the eye slits are getting ready to open. Also the eyes open when the babies are 2 weeks              old! Here is one more picture for March 13 and it's of Sapphire!

  In the picture of sapphire right when we got the picture she was smelling for her babies and she could see them!


March 14, 2004

In this picture of all the babies playing! They love to play!!!!    In the picture they are all jumping on top of each other for fun!!!!!!!


March 15, 2004

In the picture down below Annie our dog is playing with the babies! Annie loves baby rats!    Annie is licking them!!!! On the next picture I'am showing the babies ear slits! Now the babies ears are open!    You can really see the ear slits now!


March 16, 2004

The next picture is my favorite it's with the babies and Petey the one eyed rat!

  Petey was looking directly at the camera!!!!!!

In the next picture Petey is caring a baby on his back!  !!! Also right now Petey is almost 3 years old!!

March 17, 2004

Here are pictures of all the girl babies!    this is Rose and she us a blue self.    This is Tulip she is a black with white paws so she is not a self like Rose!    This is Chrysanthemum and she is a black self girl!


March 18, 2004 

Today I will be showing you a baby with it's eyes open and a baby with it's eyes closed next to each other and you can see the difference!    so you can see that one has eyes open and the other doesn't!


March 19, 2004

Today is the day of the real science fair and some of you might have gone!!! Ok this is a picture of me and the judge at the science fair and you can see Sapphires cage with all the babies and my poster!  When I was at the science fair I got a ribbon!!!


March 20, 2004

Sorry :( today I took a day off!!!!!!!!


March 21, 2004

Here are pictures of 2 of the boys the first ones name is Mystery.  why we called him mystery is because he really liked mystery's (Nancy drew books!)

The next boy is Minty!  I have no idea why we called him Minty but I just felt like naming him that!


March 22, 2004

Here are the 2 other boys named Aqua and Stripe!  this is Stripe!!  Here is Aqua we named him Aqua because he was on a fish pillow and his fur is blue!!!!


March 23, 2004

This picture is of all the baby rats playing in there cage! 


"When you adopt a rat, you adopt a best friend"

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